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Five different sized dog kennels
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1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m Dog House.JPG
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dog kennel(1.2 x 1.2) SW Super Ex-large.jpg
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Double arched Super ex-large.jpg
Ex Large SW kennel with side wall arch.jpg
Extra Large Kennel with Side Porch.jpg
Large Kennel with veranda 1.0m.jpg
Medium Solid Wood Kennel.jpg
solid wood Ex Large.jpg
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Ex-large Nutec with veranda.jpg
Fiber Cement Ex Large DK.jpg
Giant Dog Kennel Nutec.jpg
Nutec Dog Kennels Small, Medium, La-Med & Large.jpg
Nutec Small.jpg

More About Our dog kennels

The difference between a Dog Kennel and a Dog House is that the Dog Kennel is for the Dog/s only. The Dog House has much Higher walls and a door for Humans to enter, they are also much larger in Floor Space.
You will note that our Arches are to the one side, so giving your loved one maximum protection against the elements.
Roof are covered with a Double Skinned Protection layer of UV Protected 250micron Under Layer and 100% water proof industrial shade netting on the outside, this ensures Strength and Longevity of the product.
The 3 larger units come with Fiber Cement roofs which is Double Coated with Industrial Waterproofing.
The floors have bearer beams right throughout the length, supporting and lifting it off the direct ground.
We can also custom build any size required.

Please note: our payment policy is 50% Deposit before construction, balance on date of delivery - cash or EFT.

Currently available sizes:

We have 8 standard unit Dog Kennels (and we can also custom build any size required):

Small: 400mm x 600mm (floor area) & 500mm (height) - Designed for Short-legged Jack Russel / Daschund / Yorkie / Miniature Breeds / Etc. Sized Dogs

Medium: 550mm x 800mm (floor area) & 600mm (height) - Designed for Staffordshire Terrier / Foxterrier / Pug / Maltese / Mini Schnauzer / Etc. Sized Dogs

La-Med: 600mm x 1000mm (floor area) 850mm (height) - Designed for Border Collie / Pit Bull / Cocker Spaniel / Bull Terrier / Etc. Sized Dogs

Large: 750mm x 1000mm (floor area) & 900mm (height) - Designed for Labrador / Husky / Geman Shepherd / Alsatian / Boxer / Etc. Sized Dogs

Ex Large: 800mm x 1200mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height) - Designed for Boerboel / Rottweiler / Bovier / Great Dane / Weimeraner / Etc. Sized Dogs

Super XL: 1200mm x 1200mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

Jumbo XL: 1200mm x 1500mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

The Giant: 1500mm x 1500mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

Please note the super Ex Large, Jumbo and the Giant are too large to carry and also do not fit through standard gates, so we bring them in Kit form and we Assemble them on Site. They are screwed together for easy assembly and this makes life very easy if ever the Unit needs to Moved or if Resold.

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