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Kids Playhouse 1.8m x 2.4m (1.8m wall).jpg
1 8m x 1 8m x 1 5m Kids Playhouse Prepared for painting.jpg
1.8m x 1.8m Kids Playhouse with 1.8m high walls..jpg
1.8m x 1.8m x 1.2m KPH.jpg
2.4m x 3.0m x 1.8m KPH.JPG
Brian Habbana 2 4m x 3 om Kids Playhouse.jpg
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Kids Play house 2.4m 2.4m solid wood side view.jpg
Kids Play house 2.4m 2.4m solid wood.jpg
Kids Play House.jpg
Kids Playhouses 001.jpg
Play House sized English Cottage Look.jpg
Playhouse Custom built.jpg
Solid Wood Kids Playhouses 2.4m x 3.0m.jpg
1.8m x 2.4m x 1.8m wall height Nutec Kids Play House.jpg

More About Our kids playhouses

These units are Specially manufactured for Kids to have their own Space. There are no glass windows so as to prevent possible accidents and injury.
They have 2 wall heights to choose from, 1.5m or 1.8m. This is excluding the 300mm pitch and the floor thickness. The units with a 1.5m wall height look more proportionally correct, however the higher wall height is more practical to use for Storage once the Kids have grown out of playing in it.
The roofs are made from Fiber Cement and coated with an industrial waterproofing, providing longevity to the unit and also making sure there are no sharp edges that would normally be there if it was Corrugated Iron.
These units have wooden shutters which can be locked from the inside as well as a stable-door. The Verandas have picket fencing, finishing off the Cottage-style look. The verandas are sometimes removed and enclosed, giving more space inside.
We Specialise in the Structures and do not paint the units in different Colours, however, once the treatment has pulled in to the wood, they can be painted in any Colour/s you choose.
All our units come completely in kit-form and are Screwed together on site. This is most important with Kids Playhouses as, if the unit ever needs to be moved or re-sold, which occurs frequently, it ensures easy dismantling and re-assembly and saves on costs. It also reduces noise levels on site. This also makes it possible for the units to be purchased in kit-form to be assembled by the DIY customer.
All our prices quoted include delivery and assembly in the Greater Cape Town Area. Discounts for collecting and Self-assembly.
The floors come in a 3 way pallet-form system consisting of three layers, the Top decking planks, the in between Mezzanine bearers and the Under struts.

Please note: our payment policy is 50% Deposit before construction, balance on date of delivery - cash or EFT.

Currently available sizes:

We have made kids playhouses in a plethora of different sizes, shapes, and styles

So let us know your exact requirements and we will advise you on the best kids playhouses for your needs

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