Lovely dog houses to let your pets feel right at home

At Arbor Designs, we care just as much about your furry best friend’s needs as you do, which is why we have a wide selection of dog houses for sale to clients in Cape Town and surrounds. Our product range includes both dog kennels and houses, but the main difference is that our dog houses are bigger in size, making it the ideal option for clients with more than one dog – or clients that simply wish to spoil their dogs and provide them with their own little home.

Our dog houses are either 1.5m or 1.8m in height, and the floor area starts from 1.5m x 1.5m and can be customised to meet our clients’ requirements. The roofs are manufactured from fibre cement and we coat it with an industrial waterproofing solution to ensure that it is both waterproof and durable. All roof joints are sealed off with fascia’s making sure that it remains waterproof. The timber used to construct your dog house is treated with advanced wood treatment products to ensure that the unit will keep your dog protected in all kinds of weather conditions – be it harsh sunlight, rain, or stormy winds.

The floors of our dog house units work on a 3-way pallet system and have bearer beams right throughout its length. The floor is therefore fully supported and also lifted off the ground – which will ensure that your fur babies stay warm during the colder winter months.

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Our dog houses offer a range of uses

Most of these units have a separate entrance for humans, which enables you to enter your dog’s house. This also makes it ideal for storing all your dog’s toys, bedding, food, etc., in one place. A lot of our clients utilise these units as a combination of a dog house and a garden shed. So, if you require a dog house, and a bit more storage space, this is your solution!

Our dog houses are big enough so that clients have the freedom to create a little home for their dogs. Whether you wish to fit it our with a mat, or you want to put your dogs’ beds in there, you can rest assured that it will stay dry and protected against the elements.

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Just like all our other timber structures, our dog houses are provided in kit-form. Our team supplies the unit as is, and if requested, we will assemble it onsite. Clients are welcome to purchase the unit from us in kit-form, and then assemble it themselves.

If you are interested in spoiling your dog with a stylish and spacious dog house, look no further than our products! We strive to provide our quality timber structures at affordable rates, whilst still maintaining an unrivalled standard. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, or simply browse through our current product list.