Quality dog kennels to keep your fur babies safe and warm

The range of dog kennels supplied by Arbor Designs have been designed to provide as much comfort, and protection against the elements, to your dog as possible. We offer both dog kennels and houses, the main difference being the size of the structure. Our kennels are solely suited for dogs, while our dog houses are also big enough for humans to enter.

Our dog kennels all arch to the one side, the main reason being that this provides the most protection against weather conditions such as rain, sunshine, and wind. The roofs are covered with a double layer of UV Protected 250micron and are 100% waterproof. We cover all roofs with industrial shade netting on the outside, as this ensures strength and longevity.

The 4 larger units (Ex Large, Super XL, Jumbo XL, and Giant) come with fibre cement roofs which is coated with a double layer of industrial-strength waterproofing products.

The floors of our units have bearer beams right throughout its length, this is not only to support it, but also to lift it off the ground as this will keep the unit a bit warmer.

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Current dog kennel sizes available:

We have 8 standard dog kennel units available at Arbor Designs. Please have a look at the list below to see if there is a product available that meets your requirements. We also manufacture units to client specifications, so we can build one in any size required.


400mm x 600mm (floor area) & 500mm (height) – Designed for Short-legged Jack Russel / Dachshund / Yorkie / Miniature Breeds / Etc. Sized Dogs


550mm x 800mm (floor area) & 600mm (height) – Designed for Staffordshire Terrier / Fox Terrier / Pug / Maltese / Mini Schnauzer / Etc. Sized Dogs


600mm x 1000mm (floor area) 850mm (height) – Designed for Border Collie / Pit Bull / Cocker Spaniel / Bull Terrier / Etc. Sized Dogs


750mm x 1000mm (floor area) & 900mm (height) – Designed for Labrador / Husky / German Shepherd / Alsatian / Boxer / Etc. Sized Dogs

Ex Large

800mm x 1200mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height) – Designed for Boerboel / Rottweiler / Bouvier / Great Dane / Weimaraner / Etc. Sized Dogs

Super XL

1200mm x 1200mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

Jumbo XL

1200mm x 1500mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

The Giant

1500mm x 1500mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

Please note the super Ex Large, Super XL, Jumbo XL, and Giant units are too large to carry and do not fit through standard gates, therefore, we transport them in kit-form and assemble them it onsite. The kennels are assembled with screws, which makes it simple to disassemble if the unit ever needs to be moved elsewhere.

From us, clients can expect dog kennels of a superior and lasting quality. We have both you and your dog’s best interest at heart! Contact us to discuss your needs, or to request a quote. directly.