Our garden cupboards offer the ideal garden storage solution

Most people nowadays store a lot of their gardening and pool equipment in their garages. Of course, this means that these items are out of your garden, but it might be clogging up useful space in your garage. At Arbor Designs, we offer a selection of stylishly designed garden cupboards that are ideal for garden storage purposes. So, why not consider purchasing one of our cupboards and start freeing up space in your garage?

Some people may think that a garden shed and garden cupboard is the same thing – sure, they both serve a storage purpose, but a cupboard is even more convenient as its contents can be accessed from the outside. The garden cupboard is also fitted with a double door instead of a single door, for easier access.

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Some specific details about our garden cupboards:

Our garden cupboards are built on a solid wood frame and have interlocking corners. For each cupboard, we make sure that our studs (upright beams) are no further than 600mm apart as this ensures that the cladding can be securely fixed to the frame. All (timber or Nutec) planks are nailed to the frame with galvanized F-type gun nails.

The roofs are manufactured from fibre cement and are coated with an industrial-strength waterproofing to ensure longevity. The standard height of our garden cupboards is 1.8m, which slopes to 1.7m for successful water run-off. The height excludes the floor thickness of 100mm.

Our cupboards’ floors come in a 3-way pallet-form that consists of three different layers, the top decking planks, the in-between Mezzanine bearers (no wider apart than 300mm) and the Under struts.

All our garden storage units are made available to clients in kit-form and can therefore be screwed together onsite. If the unit ever needs to be moved or the clients wishes to sell it, it can easily be dismantled and reassembled at a different location.

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If a client, in any event, wishes to assemble the structure themselves, this is also possible. However, clients should note that our Utility Box, which is manufactured in line with the garden cupboard concept, comes pre-assembled. This unit is designed to fit through a standard 813mm wide gate.

All quotes received for our products include delivery and assembly costs in the greater Cape Town Area. Request your quote, today!