Garden sheds in various sizes, ideal for storage purposes

A garden shed offers the ideal solution for property owners that need extra storage space. It can be used to store a variety of things, including gardening tools and equipment, swimming pool equipment, and so much more, to ensure that your garden is kept neat and tidy. At Arbor Designs, we offer a selection of beautifully designed garden sheds that will look great in any garden.

Our garden sheds are designed with an A-frame and have interlocking corners. In each of our structures, our studs (known as the upright wall beams) are no further than 600mm apart, thereby ensuring that the cladding (wood or Nutec) can be firmly fixed onto the structure. The structure is nailed together with galvanized, F-type gun nails, which reduces stress on the timber and warrants that the cladding and framing is tightly fixed.

The roofs of our garden sheds are manufactured from corrugated iron and is fitted with Alu-Bubble Insulation. Therefore, the shed is highly insulated, and the temperature inside will remain cool, no matter what the temperatures are outside.

We machine all the timber we use to manufacture our garden sheds, instead of band sawing it, as this ensures flat surfaces and better finishes which allows the timber to fit better over one another other.

Our units are provided in kit-form, and are assembled and bolted together at our client’s preferred location. This is convenient, because if the unit ever needs to be moved or sold, it can easily be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere. Being sold in kit-from also makes it possible for customers, who wish to do so, to assemble their shed themselves.

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How to choose the right garden shed for your needs:

With so many garden sheds available on the market today, it might seem difficult to choose the correct one for your needs. To help you make the right decision, here are some factors that you should consider when thinking about purchasing a shed:

What do you want to use the shed for? What kind of functions do you need it to perform? Will it simply be used for storage, or other requirements too? These types of questions will impact the type and size of your garden shed and are therefore very important.

Consider how much space you have in your garden before purchasing a garden shed.

Think about the aesthetics of your garden, and decide what style your garden shed should be, what colour, etc.

Consider the material that your shed needs to be made of – would wood work better in your garden? Will it withstand the elements? Or would you rather prefer Nutec?

Contact the team at Arbor Designs and let us help you choose the ideal garden shed for your space and requirements.