Choose a fun kids playhouse to brighten your child’s day

If your children sometime seem bored over a weekend, why not liven up your garden and brighten their day with a fun and exciting kids playhouse from Arbor Designs? Most children completely adore anything that has been especially designed for them, and a playhouse is no different!

We offer a wide selection of designs that are bound to provide your children with hours of entertainment – let them play ‘house-house’ in their own little playhouse, while you still get to relax in your garden.

Playhouses are a great idea for kids between the ages of 3 – 11, and with the range of designs we have available, clients are bound to find a unit that will liven up the children’s’ play area. Parents can get creative and decorate the playhouse with little curtains, little furniture pieces, and some decorative items.

Our playhouse units have been designed with children’s safety in mind and therefore do not have real glass windows, but some of our designs do include window openings to imitate a real house. Some of the units even include a cute little veranda.

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and we will advise you on the right kids playhouse for your needs

Specific details regarding our kids playhouse collection:

When it comes to our playhouses, clients can choose between 2 different wall heights:1.5m or 1.8m. These heights exclude the 300mm pitch and the floor thickness. The 1.5m units are proportionally more correct, and may feel a bit cosier, however the 1.8m wall height is more practical as these units can be used for storage purposes once the children have outgrown it.

We use fibre cement to manufacture the roofs of each kids’ playhouse. All roofs are coated with industrial-strength waterproofing, which not only ensures that the playhouse’s contents are kept dry, but it also lengthens your structure’s lifespan. We prefer fibre cement roofs to corrugated iron ones, as the sharp edges left by the iron roofs can easily cause an injury.

The playhouses are fitted with wooden shutters and a stable-door that can be locked from the inside. The verandas are surrounded with picket fencing to finish off the cottage-style look of the unit.

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Clients should please note that Arbor Designs solely specialise in the manufacture and installation of the structures – we do not paint the units in different colours. If you wish to paint your playhouse, however, it can be done once the treatment has pulled in to the wood.

We supply our units in kit-form, and we assemble it ourselves on your property. Doing so enables our clients to easily move the playhouse to a different location because it can be dismantled and reassembled without much hassle. This also makes it possible for the units to be assembled by the DIY customer, if you prefer building your kids’ playhouse yourself.

Would you like to request a quote? Feel free to contact us or simply request one online. All quotes include delivery and assembly across the greater Cape Town area. We do offer discounts to clients who want to collect their out structure and assemble it themselves.