Wendy houses in assorted styles and sizes

Wendy houses are solid timber structures that are ideal for living in, or for storage purposes. At Arbor Designs, we have a wide selection of Wendy houses for sale, each with unique features. One of the main differences between a Wendy house and a garden shed is that Wendy houses have windows and are usually designed to with a higher wall height so that people can move comfortably inside.

The Wendy houses available at Arbor Designs are designed, manufactured, and installed with the utmost care and diligence. We make use of high-quality, environmentally friendly timber to manufacture our Wendy houses, thereby providing clients with a durable and sustainable product. Because we purchase raw timber in bulk, we are able to manage our prices – so if you are looking for long-lasting timber structures at affordable rates, look no further!

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, clients can have peace of mind about our ability to understand your needs, conceptualise a solution, and provide you with a satisfactory result. All our Wendy houses are manufactured onsite, and we take care of the full installation ourselves, thereby ensuring that our quality standards are maintained.

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More about our Wendy houses:

All our timber structures are built with an A-frame and have interlocking corners. In each of our Wendy houses, our studs (also known as the upright wall beams) are no further than 600mm apart, thereby ensuring that the cladding (wood or Nutec) is securely fixed onto the structure. All timber is nailed with galvanized, F-type gun nails, which reduces stress on the structure and ensures that the cladding and framing is securely fixed.

All timber used for our structures is machined, and not roughly band sawed, which ensures flat surfaces and better finishes; this allows the timber to fit more securely over one another other.

Our Wendy houses have a higher wall height, which is measured from the floor to the lowest point of the roof inside the unit. Furthermore, clients can choose between apex or flat roofs. Our flat roof units form part of our economical range and come with flat slanted corrugated iron roofs, while our apex units come with pitched corrugated iron roofs.

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The floors come in a 3-way pallet-form consisting of three layers: the top decking planks, the in-between Mezzanine bearers, no wider than 300mm apart, and the under struts.

All our units are provided in kit-form, and are assembled on site. This offers convenience to our clients, because if the unit ever needs to be moved or sold, it can easily be dismantled and reassembled. It also reduces noise levels on site. Being sold in kit-from also makes it possible for the units to be assembled by the DIY customer.

If you would like to find out more about our Wendy houses, or other structures, be sure to contact us, or simply request a quote. When clients receive a quote from us, please note that the cost includes the delivery and assembly of your product within the greater Cape Town area.